Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest

Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest is a United States national forest that is located in the states of Wyoming and Colorado. This forest, which holds 2,222,313 acres, is a combination of lands from Routt National Forest, Medicine Bow National Forest, and Thunder Basin National Grassland, which were grouped together for management purposes in 1995. Despite the grouping of these areas, the forest is divided into three sections that represent each former region.

The Medicine Bow National Forest portion of the forest, originally established in 1902, is located in southeastern areas of Wyoming. Popular features in this area of the forest include the Snowy Range, Encampment River, and Platte River Wildernesses. The Routt National Forest area of the forest was established in 1905 and can be found in northern areas of Colorado. This section is split in half by the Continental Divide and holds seven wilderness areas including the entirety of Sarvis Creek Wilderness and Mount Zirkel Wilderness. The Thunder Basin National Grassland area of the forest can be found in northeastern areas of Wyoming. Medicine Bow- Routt National Forest offers visitors a variety of activities including rock climbing, especially in the popular area known  as Vedauwoo and skiing.

Image Caption: Medicine Bow National Forrest (Work center) in Esterbrook, Wyoming, USA. Credit: Wusel007/Wikipedia  (CC BY-SA 3.0)