Memphre is a lake monster said to inhabit Lake Memphremagog in Quebec, Canada. The 30-mile-long lake sits between the towns of Newport, Vermont and Magog, Canada. The creature is believed to live in a cave at the base of Owl’s Head Mountain.

Memphre was named by Jacques Boisvert, a dracontologist (cryptozoologist) and prominent diver. He personally has never seen the creature but worked together with Barbara Malloy, the head of Memphremagog Historical Society of Newport, who has claimed to have seen the creature on more than one occasion.

Memphre has been described as a serpent-like creature about 20 feet long, but some have said it to be around 50 feet. According to Malloy, Memphre is brown or black in color with four fins, an elongated body, and long neck.

The history of Memphre began in the early 1800s with the Abenaki people. They lived around the lake for its abundant fish and wildlife. When settlers began to arrived in the area they were informed not swim in the lake because of the sea serpent.

The first sighting was documented in 1816 by Ralph Merry IV. He was not an eye witness to the creature, but reported on the experiences with citizens of the area and their encounters.

A local newspaper has also published several articles on eye witness accounts of Memphre. There have been more than 200 documented sightings with an average of eight per year.

In August 2011, a likeness of Memphre was featured on a colored Canadian quarter.

Conclusive evidence has not been presented on the existence of Memphre as of yet.

Image Caption: Lake Memphremagog where Memphre is claimed to live. Credit: Jean-Philippe Boulet/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)