The merman is a mythological creature said to inhabit the oceans of the world. There are many different adaptations of this creature, depending on which culture the myth comes from.

The behavior of the merman varies with each culture. Some have been known to summon storms that sink ships and some are wise teachers. The merman is also said to attract female humans with their singing and melodies.

The description of the merman also varies, but most include the upper body being of a man and the lower body being fish-like with a scaly tail. In Greek mythology, the merman had seaweed hair, a beard, and carried a trident. The Irish version had green pointed teeth, green hair, pig-like eyes, a red nose, and was considered to be extremely ugly.

The Finnish merman was considered to be magical, handsome and powerful. He could cure illnesses, revoke curses and brew potions. The mermen of the Amazon River regions were said to be able to take the form of a human man, seduce women and impregnate them. The Chinese merman surfaced during storms or was believed to create them.

The most famous merman was Triton, the son of Poseidon and Amphitrite.

Merman have been portrayed in many movies, film, books, and comics. King Triton of The Little Mermaid, Aquaman of comic book fame, a merman variant in the movie Creature from the Black Lagoon and a merman villain in the He-Man Masters of the Universe comic series are among the most notable mermen.

Almost every culture has a form of the merman.

In Banff, Alberta a merman was claimed to be found and is on display at the Indian Trading Post.

Image Caption: Illustration of mermen. Credit: Wikipedia (public domain)