Michoacan Pine, Pinus devoniana

Michoacan Pine (Pinus devoniana) is found in Mexico from S. Sinaloa to Chiapas and Guatemala in the montane forest, which is one level below the subalpine zone found around the globe.  The temperature within the montane is between 43 and 54 degrees Fahrenheit. The location of the Michoacan pine will change with the climate change and grow in the warmer regions.

Michoacan pine grows at elevations of 2953 and 8202 feet above sea level in warm to subtropical climates. This pine requires an average rainfall between 3.2 and 4.9 feet per year with a dry spell from November to May. This pine will grow in all types of soil including volcanic and can survive a forest fire when it is in the grass stage of growing. This pine is a medium sized tree growing to heights of 65.6-98.4 feet with a straight trunk and a diameter reaching 2.6-3.2 feet.  The bark is red-brown to dark brown with scaly plates divided by deep grooves. The needles are bright green, grow in bundles of five and measure 9.8-15.75 inches long. The cones grow singularly or in clusters of up to four. Male cones are pink-purple in color ripening to light brown and measure 0.78-1.57 inches long. Female cones are purple-brown and measure 3.15-5.90 inches when open. Seeds are light brown with dark brown stripes, oblong in shape and measures 0.98-1.37 inches long.

Image Caption: Michoacan Pine (Pinus devoniana) needles and male flower. Credit: Wilma Verburg/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 2.5 Netherlands)