Micro Frog, Microbatrachella capensis

The Micro Frog (Microbatrachella capensis) is a minute species of frog belonging to the Pyxicephalidae family, in the monotypic genus Microbatrachella. At about .71 inches long, it is one of the smallest regional species. Its color varies from rufous brown with dark mottling, to tan or green, depending on the population.

It is native to the south-western Cape area of South Africa, with a single population located on the Cape Flats of Cape Town and a series of populations on the eastern side of False Bay, from Kogelberg to Cape Agulhas.

Its natural habitat is at low altitudes, in and around shallow and vegetated freshwater wetlands in coastal restioid fynbos, Mediterranean-type vegetation dominated by restios. Usually, these wetlands have some areas of permanent water along with other areas inundated during the winter-spring rainy season.

It is critically endangered, threatened by habitat loss mostly because of the draining of wetlands for coastal strip development.

Image Caption: The Micro Frog – Microbatrachella capensis – Cape Town. Credit: Abu Shawka/Wikipedia (CC0 1.0)