Mimic Poison Frog, Ranitomeya imitator

The Mimic Poison Frog (Ranitomeya imitator) is a type of poison dart frog located in the north-central region of eastern Peru.

Like most other Ranitomeya species, R. imitator has a mild toxicity compared to other poison dart frogs. It produces the potent pumiliotoxin B, but its small size limits the amount of poison it can secrete. Like other poison dart frogs, it does not produce toxin in captivity. It most likely gains its poison from consuming toxic insects or other invertebrates within the wild. Frogs of the related genus Phyllobates may derive their toxins from local melyrid beetles of the genus Choresine.

Ranitomeya imitator and related frogs exhibit a degree of parental care, with the female laying feeder eggs for the tadpoles to consume. This frog is the first amphibian species in which the sexual partners have been shown to be monogamous.

Image Caption: Mimic Poison Frog, Ranitomeya imitator. Credit: Gabsch/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)