Mount Price

Mount Price is a stratovolcano that is located in British Columbia, Canada. It is part of the Garibaldi Ranges and reaches an elevation of 6,732 feet, rising above the lake at its western side and the land and other volcanos surrounding it. In the past, this volcano has been known by many names including Red Mountain, Fissile Peak, and Clinker Mountain. It and many other volcanos are protected within the Garibaldi Provincial Park, which also features rich habitats with abundant wildlife.

Unlike other Canadian stravolcanos, Mount Price is almost completely symmetrical in shape. Its red coloration is a result of oxidation. Three eruptive phases have been identified in Mount Price’s history, although there could be more. The first eruption is the oldest known in the area, occurring 1.2 million years ago and releasing hornblende andesite lava and pyroclastic rocks. During another eruption phase, two hornblende-biotite andesite lava flows were created at Clinker Peak. These extend to the southwest and northwest of the volcano and display a unique pooling appearance where they stopped at the Cordilleran Ice Sheet.

Mount Price is thought to be potentially active, although there has been no evidence of volcanic eruptions in the Garibaldi area since the Holocene era. If the volcano were to erupt, it would be dangerous to the surrounding wildlife and the nearby cities of Whistler and Squamish. The main dangers of an eruption in the area include landslides, flooding, and large amounts of ash that could accumulate in the air, while lava flow is thought to pose a low or moderate threat. Currently, there is not enough information about Mount Price or other volcanos in the area to understand the full effects of a future eruption or when one could occur.

Image Caption: Mount Price and one of the Battleship Islands reflected in the clear waters of Garibaldi Lake. Credit: Kyle Pearce /Wikipedia  (CC BY-SA 2.0)