Mountain Gazelle, Gazella gazelle

The mountain gazelle (Gazella gazelle) occurs on the Arabian Peninsula, although its distribution is fragmented. It prefers a habitat within foothills, mountains, and coastal plains. These habitats depend on acacia trees, although this gazelle has difficulty residing in arid, hot areas. Typically, the mountain gazelle is a grazing species, but its diet can change depending food abundance.

The IUCN has listed the mountain gazelle on its Red List as “Vulnerable”. The current population of this gazelle reaches less than 15,000 individuals, with the largest populations occurring across the Arabian Peninsula numbering 10,000 individuals of the subspecies G. g. cora. There are 3,000 Palestine mountain gazelles and only 250 G. g. muscatensis, with the smallest population of individuals, G. g. muscatensis, numbering only 19.

Image Caption: Gazella gazella (Mountain Gazelle). Credit: Bassem18/Wikipedia(CC BY-SA 3.0)