The Mussurana, Pseudoboa clelia Serié, is a species of colubrid snake common from Guatemala to Brazil. Their preferred habitat is dense ground-level vegetation and its habit is Diurnal. This particular snake feeds on other snakes and is immune to the venom of the snakes it does consume. However it is not immune to the venom of the coral snake. It feeds on small mammals when snakes are not present.

The Mussurana has a length of 60 – 63 inches, but it can grow up to 95 inches. When young, its dorsal color is light pink, which becomes lead-blue when it is adult. The ventral color is whitish yellow. It has 10 to 15 strong teeth at the back of the mouth which it uses to grasp the head of the attacked snake and push it into its gullet. Then it coils its body around the victim, killing it by constriction. Ingestion of the whole body follows. The long body of the ingested snake is compressed as a wave in order to fit into the mussurana’s gastrointestinal system.