National Solar Observatory

National Solar Observatory — The National Solar Observatory (NSO) has its primary headquarters in Tucson.

NSO telescopes on Kitt Peak include the McMath-Pierce Solar Telescope Facility containing the world’s three largest solar telescopes (1.6-meter main and two 0.9-meter auxiliaries), along with the Vacuum Telescope and the Razdow small solar patrol telescope.

The National Solar Observatory also operates telescopes at Sacramento Peak, New Mexico, that include the Vacuum Tower Telescope, the Evans Solar Facility, and the Hilltop Dome Facility.

The mission of the National Solar Observatory is to advance knowledge of the Sun, both as an astronomical object and as the dominant external influence on Earth, by providing forefront observational opportunities to the research community.

The mission includes the operation of cutting edge facilities, the continued development of advanced instrumentation both in-house and through partnerships, conducting solar research, and educational and public outreach.


National Solar Observatory

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