Nez Perce Horse

The Nez Perce is a breed of horse of the Nez Perce tribe of Idaho, United States. In 1995, the Nez Perce Horse Registry was formed to re-establish the selective breeding of the Appaloosa that was destroyed in the 1800s.

The program is based in Lapwai, Idaho and crosses the Appaloosa and a Central Asian breed, the Akhai-Teke. The Akhai-Teke is an ancient breed originating near Afghanistan. The have metallic coats and posses great endurance.

Mixed with the Appaloosa horse, the Nez Perce have a buckskin or palomino coat that is spotted. It has a long back and lean body, narrow shoulders and hindquarters. They are perfect for long rides and do very well in endurance racing and show jumping. They have a fast and smooth running walk.

The Nez Perce have a good attitude for allowing people to ride them.

Image Caption: Nez Perce Horse. Credit: JC i Núria/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 2.0)