Nigma walckenaeri

Nigma walckenaeri is a species of spider commonly found in gardens, walls, or on big leaves such as lilac or grapevine. It is found in warmer regions and near forest edges. This species has been introduced into Kew Gardens in Queens, NY.

This green cribellate spider is about 0.2 inches long and is the biggest member of the Dictynidae family. Most of the body is somewhat yellowish, however, the abdomen is shiny green, which makes it hard to confuse with other species. The green color also makes it almost invisible. Males have an elevated head region.

Adults occur from August to October, in buildings up to December. This spider catches insects in its web, which is built on the surface of leaves. The female hides the egg sac in an area that is distant from the retreat. The egg sac is usually larger than the female spider (up to 0.27 inches).

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