Northern Tall Grasslands

The Northern tall grasslands is only 1 of 867 terrestrial ecoregions defined by the World Wide Fund for Nature. This ecoregion largely follows the Red River Valley in the Canadian province of Manitoba and the American states of Minnesota and North Dakota.

The grasslands have a humid continental climate with moderate precipitation, normally between 450 and 700 mm. The winters are very cold, with an average temperature of 9.5 degrees Fahrenheit, and the summer are warm with the mean temperature at 61 degrees Fahrenheit. The ecoregions average annual temperature is 37 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Bid Bluestem, switch grass and Indiangrass are the dominant grasses. In the wetter areas, trembling aspen and Bur Oak can be seen.

Image Caption: Approximate area of the Northern tall grasslands ecoregion. Credit: Cephas/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)