Ocean Current Impacts On Weather

The Peru Current flows from South to North along the western side of South America. This current transports colder air from the south northward towards the equator. This current is responsible for bringing cooler waters off the coast of Peru which is a big reason that they have such high fishing success. However this current can get altered during EL-Nino when the warmer waters of the Pacific are transported west to east and start to replace these colder waters. The Peru current is responsible for keeping the coastline of Peru cooler during the summer, however in the winter months when an EL-Nino is present these waters are warmer than normal and can alter the weather and short term climate of the region. The trade winds normally take the surface water and transport it north and then westward which allows the colder waters from the ocean depths to rise up towards the surface. This process is known as upwelling and brings the rich nutrients from the depths towards the surface creating such a great fishing environment for the region.

Image Credit: Map courtesy of F-5 data