Ogopogo is a cryptid lake monster claimed to inhabit Okanagan Lake in British Columbia, Canada. British Cryptozoologist Karl Shuker categorized the Ogopogo as a “many hump” variety of lake monster. He also claims the beast is a primitive serpentine whale similar to a basilosaurus.

The original name for this creature was naitaka, which was given to it by the local Okanakane tribe. The name Ogopogo was inspired by the 1924 song “The Ogo-Pogo: The funny Fox-Trot”.

It has been described as being 15 to 20 feet in length and about two feet in diameter. The head features vary from being goat-like or horse-like. It has also been said to resemble a log.

Photos and videos have been taken of the Ogopogo, but the quality of this evidence is very low. Claims of sightings of the Ogopogo are suggested as misidentifications of actual animals, and inanimate objects.

A reported sighting of the creature in 1926 at an Okanagan Mission Beach claims the Ogopogo was seen by people in thirty different cars. In 1968, Art Folden captured what he claimed to be the creature on film. The footage shows a large wake moving across the water. It was analyzed and determined that it was a solid three-dimensional object causing the wake. A cell phone video captured two dark objects in the water in 2011, but it was implied that they were floating logs.

In an expedition searching for the existence of Ogopogo, divers discovered a partly-decayed carcass in a cave submerged 60 feet underwater. It was been sent for analysis and DNA testing to the Biodiversity Institute to determine what kind of creature it is.

Ogopogo is very popular. Its likeness has been used for the naming of boats, has been featured in many TV series including Destination Truth and Monster Quest and has also been featured in documentaries by National Geographic. Also, books, movies and games like Final Fantasy IV and XI, have made references to Ogopogo.

British Columbia’s Western Hockey League’s team the Kelowna Rocket use an Ogopogo likeness as their logo. There is also a statue of Ogopogo near the commercial wharf in downtown Kelowna.

Image Caption: Reconstruction of Ogopogo, said to resemble a plesiosaur. Credit: Timothy O’Donnell & Garth Guessman/Crypto-Researcher/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)