Old Danish Pointer

The Old Danish Pointer, also known as the Bakhound, is a hunting breed from Denmark. The breed’s origin can be traced to the year 1710. The breed was created when a man named Morten Bak crossed gypsy dogs with local farm dogs. Some of the dogs crossed might have been descendants of St. Hubert Hounds and Spanish Pointing Dogs. The breed makes an excellent pointer in hunts in both small and large territories.

The Old Danish Pointer is a strongly built breed which stands 19.5 to 23.5 inches tall and weighs 57 to 77 pounds. The breed is quite powerful and spirited. The coat of the breed is white with brown markings.

The breed is quiet as well as stable. Not only is it an excellent hunting companion, but it also makes a great family pet. The breed does need plenty of exercise and activity. The Old Danish Pointer needs room to play otherwise it may become destructive.

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