Orange Winged Dropwing, Trithemis kirbyi

The orange-winged dropwing (Trithemis kirbyi) is a species of dragonfly that can be found in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. Its range includes Angola, Botswana, Chad, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iran, Kenya, Madagascar, Morocco, Pakistan, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and Yemen, among many other areas. This species can be described as opportunistic, inhabiting all types of freshwater areas like pools, streams, brooks, rivers, and swimming pools. Because of this, it can be found in a variety of habitats including tropical and sub-tropical moist and arid savannahs, forests, and shrub lands. It can be seen perching on boulders, twigs, and reeds.

The orange-winged dropwing is abundant in many areas of its range and is increasing in number in Europe and other areas. The species is not threatened as a whole, but local populations can be threatened by water pollution and water loss due to human encroachment. The orange-winged dropwing does not require any conservation methods and appears on the IUCN Red List with a conservation status of “Least Concern.”

Image Caption: Kirby’s Dropwing in Tsumeb, Namibia. Credit: Hans Hillewaert/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)