Orbiculate Cardinalfish, Sphaeramia orbicularis

The Orbiculate Cardinalfish (Sphaeramia orbicularis) is a cardinalfish that belongs to the family of Apogondiae. This fish grows to be 10 inches in length. The Orbiculate Cardinalfish has a thick, dark, vertical “waistband” that is sprinkled with dark spots heading toward the tail of the fish. This fish is found in coastal areas across the Indo-Pacific, along with East Africa, the Ryukyu Islands, New Caledonia, eastern Caroline, Kiribati, Belau, and the Mariana Islands.

The male Orbiculate Cardinalfish are mouthbrooders. The Orbiculate Cardinalfish eat planktonic crustaceans and tend to eat at night. Although it is not a common marine aquarium fish it may be a good beginner fish.

Image Credit: David Burdick/Wikipedia