Orloff chicken

The Orloff chicken, also known as the Russian Orloff or simply the Russian, is a breed of domestic chicken that was developed in Persia, although it was once thought to be developed in Russia. It had reached areas of Europe and Asia by the seventeenth century and by the nineteenth century, Count Orloff had introduced into the western world. It had been accepted into the American Poultry Association but quickly removed due to its lack of popularity. By 1925 a bantam type of the breed was developed in Germany.

The Orloff chicken varies in weight depending upon the type and sex, with normal type males weighing up to eight pounds and females weighing up to six-and-half pounds. This breed is tall and holds abundant feathers, especially around the head and neck, which can be black, cuckoo, mahogany, spangled, white, or black-tailed red in color. Its thick plumage, as well as its small ears, wattle, and comb make it highly resistant to cold. This breed is calm in nature and is most often used for meat production, although hens are efficient at laying eggs.

Image Caption: A spangled Russian Orloff hen. Credit: soapydishwater/Steven Walling/Wikipedia (CC BY 2.0)