Ornithomimus, meaning “bird mimic”, is a genus of dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous Period of what is now North America. A partial foot and hand fossil was first discovered in the Maastrichtian Denver Formation. The type species was named O. velox. More fossil material was later found in Canada (O. edmontonicus) and in Dinosaur Provincial Park (species unknown). Other fossils of this genus have been recovered from the east coast of the USA as well.

Ornithomimus had a three-toed foot, long slender arms and a long neck with a birdlike skull, like most ornithomimids. Unlike other ornithomimids, however, it had very slender, straight hand and foot claws. It also had fingers and toes of similarly equal lengths. The hands appear sloth-like, which has been suggested that they were used to hook around branches during feeding.

Ornithomimus was 12 feet long, 7 feet tall and weighed between 220 and 330 pounds. It was bipedal and was an exceptionally quick runner.

The Ornithomimus was featured in the TV series Prehistoric Park, where they were regularly portrayed as flock animals. Their feeding habits were also shown to be duck-like. This is most likely a hypothetic theory. The Ornithomimus has also appeared in many movies.

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