The Ouya is a video game console developed by OUYA Inc. and manufactured by Boxer8. It was announced on July 3, 2012 as a new home video game console. On July 10, 2012 a kickstarter campaign was released in an effort to see how many people there were interested in the system. During the kickstarter program the fundraising goal was reached within the first eight hours, and in the first 24 hours it attracted a backer every 5.59 seconds to become the record holder for the best first day performance in a kickstart program.

On July 19, 2012, Robert Bowling announced his studio Robotoki would be the first developer to create a game exclusively for the Ouya. It is a prequel to a game from Robotoki called Human Element that will be released in 2015.

August 9, 2012 the kickstart program ended with $8,596,475 of earnings. On October 31, 2012, it was announced that the first run of the system was in the testing phase of production. Units for the Kickstarter funders began shipping on March 28, 2013. Currently there are 481 games being developed and 132 of them have been confirmed by Ouya or a third party developer.

The system is in the shape of a cube and uses an HDMI connection to a television. It has one wireless controller boxed with the system; however, multiple controllers can be used. The only way to acquire games is through digital downloads. The price for the Ouya is $99.00.

The system has a quad-core 1.7 Ghz CPU, uses an NVIDIA GeForce 520 Mhz GPU, has 1 GB RAM, and has 8 GB internal storage. It has one USB port, uses HDMI for audio/video output and can connect to the Internet wirelessly or through an Ethernet. It uses the Android 4.1 Jellybean with a custom Ouya launcher for the operating system.

The controller for the system was a standard gamepad with dual analogue sticks, there were four face buttons marked O, U, Y, and A, a directional pad, pairs of back bumpers and triggers, and a single touchpad in the center. Controllers from other consoles could also be used with the Ouya as long as they are compatible with the game.

Image Caption: The OUYA gaming console. Credit: Czar/Carlos Sancho/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)