Patagosaurus, meaning “Patagonian lizard”, is a genus of sauropod dinosaur from the Callovian age of the Middle Jurassic Period (163-161 million years ago). It lived in what is now Argentina. It would have shared the landscape at that time with dinosaurs such as Condorraptor and Amygdalodon.

It was first described by Jose Bonaparte in 1979. The type species is P. fariasi. Patagosaurus has been placed in the family Cetiosauridae by some authors, but not all paleontologists agree with that placement. Its classification as a sauropod is also uncertain.

Patagosaurus was 59 feet long fully grown. It was heavily built and similar in appearance to the Cetiosaurus. It is known from a dozen or so individuals, although some material may belong to another related dinosaur genus.

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