Pearson’s Tree Frog, Litoria pearsoniana

Pearson’s Tree Frog (Litoria pearsoniana) is a species of tree frog that inhabits rainforest creeks from north of Lismore, New South Wales, to Kenilworth, Queensland, with a disjunct population at Kroombit Tops Queensland, Australia.

Pearson’s Green Tree Frog is a small tree frog, measuring up to 45 millimeters long. Its dorsal surface can range from completely light green to a mixture of green and brown, or mainly brown in color. Normally, black dots are scattered over the dorsal surface, but in some specimens, these dots may not occur. The belly is white or off white colored. A light brown/yellow stripe starts at the tip of the snout, across the nostril, the eye, and the tympanum, and then widens and dissipates over the shoulder. This line is underlined with a thicker dark brown colored line. The tympanum of this species is brown or mostly brown, and not green. The tadpoles of the L. phyllochroa complex are very similar in appearance and are hard to distinguish; range is the best method for distinguishing tadpoles.

This frog inhabits flowing creeks in rainforests. The males call from the vegetation beside the creek during the spring and summer months. The call is an ‘eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-ehk”, with the sounds getting faster towards the end.

Image Caption: Pearson’s Tree Frog (Litoria pearsoniana) showing the stripe continuing down to the mouth. Credit: Froggydarb/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)