Percival’s Legless Lizard

Percival’s Legless Lizard, Acontias percivali, is a species of skink from Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya, Angola, and Tanzania. It inhabits savannas by burrowing just below the surface of the soil

This animal is often seen in pet stores, although it is poorly understood. In captivity, they require a deep layer of sandy potting soil and hollow hiding places on the surface. They should be kept warm in the high seventies (fahrenheit) with a slightly warmer spot in the soil with about 30% humidity.

These lizards can be identified by their copper-brown and black gold underside. They are insectivores that specialize in feeding on beetle larvae, earthworms, and other slow-moving invertebrates. They give birth to 1-5 live young. In captivity they should be fed mealworms and