Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences

Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences (PPS) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published monthly by the Royal Society of Chemistry and is the official journal of the European Photochemistry Association, The European Society for Photobiology, the Asia and Oceania Society for Photobiology and the Korean Society of Photoscience. As of May 2012, the editors-in-chief are Frans de Schryver and Rex Tyrell.

The journal covers numerous areas including: Applied photochemistry, Atmospheric photochemistry, Bioluminescence, Chronobiology, DNA repair, Energy Transfer, Environmental photobiology, Environmental photochemistry, Excited state properties, Laser photochemistry, Luminescence, Mechanistic photochemistry, Organic and inorganic photochemistry, Photobiology, Photocarcinogenesis, Photochemical kinetics, Photochemical smog, Photochemistry of biomolecules, Photochemotherapy, Photochromism, Photodegradation, Photodermatology, Photoelectrochemistry, Photoimaging Photoimmunology, Photomedicine, Photomorphogenesis, Photomovement, Photoprotection, Photoreception, Photosensitization, Photosynthesis, Phototechnology, Phototherapy, Phototoxicity, Solar energy utilization, Spectroscopy, Spectroscopy of biological systems, Supramolecular photochemistry, Synthetic photochemistry, Theoretical photochemistry, and UV and visible radiation effects and vision. Article types include research papers, communications, and perspectives.

Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences is abstracted and indexed in the following databases: Chemical Abstracts Service – CASSI, PubMed – MEDLINE, Science Citation Index – Web of Science, and Scopus.

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