Physics of Fluids

Physics of Fluids is a peer-reviewed scientific journal on fluid dynamics, published monthly by the American Institute of Physics. It has been published in cooperation with the American Physical Society’s Division of Fluid Dynamics since the journal’s inception in 1958. The journal covered both fluid and plasma physics until 1988, when it split into two unique journals.

The focus of the journal is on the dynamics of fluids—gases, liquids and multiphase flows—and the journal contains original research resulting from theoretical, computational and experimental studies.

Since 1985, Physics and Fluids presents the Gallery of Fluid Motion, containing award-winning photos, images and visual streaming media of fluid flow, as resulting from experiments and computations.

The American Physical Society established the annual “Francois Naftali Frankiel Award” in 1984 and rewards a young scientist who has published a paper in the Physics of Fluids journal during the previous year.

Physics of Fluids A, Physics of Fluids B, and Physics of Fluids were ranked 3, 4, and 6, respectively based on their citation impact from 1981–2004 within the category of journals on the physics of fluids and plasmas.

Image Caption: A cover of the journal Physics of Fluids. Credit: Wikipedia

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