Pindos Pony

The Pindos pony, also known as the Thessalonian, is a breed of pony native to Thessaly and Epirus, Greece in the Pindus mountain range. Its ancestors are believed to be oriental breeds brought to Greece by Scythian settlers, possibly a direct descendant from an old Thessalonian breed that was developed by the Greeks.

The Pindo’s head is somewhat coarse looking with small eyes. The length of the neck and back are reasonable with a narrow frame. The quarters are underdeveloped and the tail sets high on the hind end. The leg bones of the Pindos have small joints but the lags are strong and have very tough hooves. The coat is usually dark, having a color of bay, black or grey. The Pindos stands around 52 inches high.

These ponies are considered to be stubborn and difficult, but have courage and beauty. They have great stamina and endurance and can survive on minimal rations. They can live a very long time and the Pindos mare is often bred to produce a working mule.

The breed is surefooted and used on a variety of tasks by the locals including packing, transporting goods, riding, harness and agricultural work such as plowing the land.

Image Caption: Pindos pony. Credit: Natalia/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 2.0)