Pink frogmouth

The Pink frogmouth, Chaunax pictus, is a sea toad of the family Chaunacidae, found circumglobally on continental shelves and slopes in tropical to temperate waters (except the Caribbean Sea), at depths of between 656.17 and 2165.35 ft (200 and 660 m). Its length is up to 15.75 in (40 cm).

The pink frogmouth is moderately elongated compared to most other frogfishes, with a rough scaleless skin with many small filaments attached. Large limb-like pectoral fins are set behind the very small pelvic fins. The small gill opening is well back on the body, nearer the tail than the head. Above the large upward-pointing mouth is a fishing lure that can be folded down into a groove on top of the head.

Coloration is rosy pink with golden spots on the head and body and pink fins.