The Pixie-Bob is a domestic breed of cat. According to folklore, it is the offspring of a domestic cat and a bobcat, but DNA testing has failed to prove this. The Pixie-Bob has a large body (about 50% larger than most domestic cats), large feet, and a short, bobbed tail. They can be long or short-haired cats, but most are short-haired; long hair might obscure the cat’s spots. The markings of a Pixie-Bob should resemble those of a bobcat. This breed is currently the only one accepted by any major club to allow polydactyls (cats having more toes than normal).

The Pixie-Bob has black fur and skin on their paws, black lips, white fur around the eyes, but with black “eyeliner”. The breed has tipped ears and heavy ear hair, white chin fur, and whiskers that change from black to white. Their fur pattern is tiger-like with some reddish tones mixed in (especially on the stomach), and their eyes mature to gold, or at least a gold with a green tint. It takes three years for them to be fully grown.

Pixie-Bobs are very social creatures known for their chirps, chatters, and growls. Most of them do not meow normally. They are very friendly to their owners, and sometimes even clingy; many Pixie-Bobs follow their owners around the house. Some of their playful traits also include head bunting, leash walking, and ball fetching.

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