Places To Shelter Yourself From A Tornado

One of the worst places to be during a tornado is in a mobile home. Statistics show that tornadoes have a higher percentage of hitting such areas. If you are in a mobile home, the best thing to do is get out and head towards a low lying ditch. Place a blanket over your head to protect yourself from flying debris.

If there is basement in your home, go there. Get in the middle of the room away from windows and other things that could fly and hit you. If your home does not have a basement go into the bathroom. Lie in the bathtub and cover yourself with blankets or pillows to protect yourself from flying debris.

If you are driving down the road during a tornado, turn your car and drive at an angle heading away from the storm. If it’s too late to get away from the storm, take whatever you have in the car that would provide support and cover yourself in a low lying ditch or the middle of the interstate median. Stay away from the overpasses as these areas once thought to be safe can actually become death traps.

The best place to be is in a tornado shelter. These have been getting a lot of attention lately. This is a small concrete building located outside the main house or buried underground. It provides a strong barrier between you and the tornado. There are many professional companies that can provide the assistance needed in building one of these shelters. They can also have places to store all the basics you may need such as food and water.