Plain-bellied Water Snake

The Plain-bellied Water Snake, Nerodia erythrogaster, is a common species of non venomous, aquatic, colubrid snake found in the United States. Its range extends from Illinois to Delaware in the north, and Texas to northern Florida in the south. They are mostly seen around permanent water sources.

Adults are 30-48 inches long. It gets its common name, because it has no patterning on its underside. Species can vary in color from brown, to gray, to olive green, with dark colored blotching down their back, and an underside that is yellow, brown, red or green.

This species bears live young, like other North American water snakes and Garter snakes. In North Carolina and Georgia, the Plain-bellied water snake breeds from April to June, and batches of 5-27 young are born in August to October.

Photo by Patrick Coin