Plate Coral

Plate Coral, (Fungia paumotensis), is a species of stony coral that occurs in the Indian Ocean on upper reef slopes especially where there is considerable movement of the water from wave action. It is usually found on sand or beds of coral fragments.

This solitary, non-colonial coral is free living and not attached to the seabed. It is elongated and oval in shape and can grow rather large. Its single large polyp can be up to 9.8 inches long and is embedded in a cup shaped hollow known as a corallite, surrounded by calcareous (calcium carbonate) material. Lining the corallite are narrow ribs known as septae. The ribs continue outside the corallite, where they are known as costae, with rows of tiny spines. Coloring is typically brown. The polyp has a central, slit-like mouth and a small number of short, tapering tentacles.

Plate coral are popularly kept in marine aquariums. They are often associated with other species within their genera.