Post Weather Report For August 2, 2012

Four major events occurred yesterday, the first being the formation of Tropical Storm Ernesto, which is now located just east of the Windward Islands with winds near 45 knots.

The second was the heat in the Southern Plains as many places saw temps over 100F with heat index values near 105-110 for the region. High temperatures are again one of the main story makers across the country. 100 degree temperatures continue to plague Texas and Oklahoma. Eleven out of the last 14 days in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX have been recorded over 100 degrees, while only 3 days in July with temps below 95 degrees.

The third major event was the heat in the Southwest along with the monsoonal moisture that has been building every afternoon in the region with temps hitting the 100’s during the day.

The last location was along the Carolina coast where stronger storms were found yesterday with strong winds and damaging hail. Meteorologist Joshua Kelly