Powder Blue Tang

Acanthurus leucosternon is a tropical fish with the common names powder blue tang and powder blue surgeonfish.


The powder blue tang is light blue with yellow and white highlighted fins. Its face is a uniform black with a white outline. The fish doesn’t undergo color changes as it matures as some tangs, surgeonfish and unicornfish do. The species can grow to as large as 21.25 in (54 cm).


The powder blue tang, like most in the Acanthuridae family eats is herbivorous eating mostly benthic algae.


Acanthurus leucosternon’s natural distribution is in the Indian Ocean in clear reef settings, from Indonesia and Christmas Island westward to eastern Africa to the Andaman Sea.

Economic value

The tang is uncommonly harvested for anything other than the marine aquarium industry. It is a commonly sold fish that is moderately difficult to care for, although its popularity is easily exceeded by the Blue tang and Yellow Tang.