Prince Sago, Cycas taitungensis

Cycas taitungensis is a species of cycad plant. The species belongs to the Cycadaceae family. C. taitungensis may also be referred to as Prince sago or Emperor sago. Currently the plant faces serious threat of extinction due to habitat destruction and plant collectors. The species is native to southeastern Taiwan. C. taitungensis range throughout the third largest county, Taitung County.

The C. taitungensis is a relatively medium sized plant. Its trunk is typically almost 14 inches in diameter and it reaches heights of 11.5 feet tall. Its palm-like leaves have a dark green coloration and an open, flat appearance.

C. taitungensis is thought of as one of the fastest growing species in this genus. Most cycads are known to be extremely slow-growing plants. The plant flourishes in a moist but well drained area in direct sun and it is surprisingly frost tolerant and can withstand cold temperatures.

Image Caption: Prince Sago, (Cycas taitungensis). Credit: Lord Koxinga/Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)