Pygmy Marmoset

The pygmy marmoset (Callithrix (Cebuella) pygmaea) is a monkey native to the rainforest canopies of western Brazil, southeastern Colombia, eastern Ecuador, and eastern Peru. It is one of the smallest primates. Its body length ranges from 5.51 to 6.3 in (14 to 16 cm). Males weigh around 5 oz (140 g), and females only 4.2 oz (120 g).

The pygmy marmoset has a tawny coat, and ringed tails that are as long as their bodies. Their claws are specially adapted for climbing trees, a trait unique to the species. They are omnivorous, feeding on fruit, leaves, insects, and sometimes even small reptiles. Much of their diet comes from tapping trees for sap. Up to two-thirds of their time is spent gouging bark to reach the gummy sap. The Pygmy Marmoset has specialized incisors for gouging holes in bark. It is very hard to observe in the wild.

In captivity, the Pygmy Marmoset can live up to 11 years.