Queen Sago, Cycas circinalis

Cycas circinalis is a species of cycad plant. also referred to as the Queen sago. C. circinalis is native to Sri Lanka, although it is a widely cultivated plant.

C. circinalis is commonly used for landscape, decorative purposes and may be used as a food source. The plant’s seeds are carefully soaked, ground and used to make flour. You will often find its flour used in tortillas, tamales and soups.

The palm-like plant is a slow growing species. C. circinalis are known to have a short, dark brown trunk and feathery leaves reaching 6-8 feet long. The plant sees no seasonal color change in its leaves. Leaves are lighter green on its underside and a dark, glossy green on top.

The C. circinalis is often cultivated by seed. If given space to spread, the plant will take advantage and sprawl out. It prefers slightly alkaline soil, clay and sand. The plant will flourish in part shade/part sun habitats and it requires water, however has a high drought tolerance.

Image Caption: Queen sago palm, (Cycas circinalis). Credit: Fabooj/Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 2.0)