The Ragdoll is a breed of semi-longhaired cat. They have short legs, a sturdy body weighing 10 to 20 pounds and a thick coat with Siamese style points. They were bred in the 1960s in California mainly for their looks and temperament. Ann Baker bred her cat Josephine, and from her kittens litters came the first Ragdoll and all of its descendants.

These cats have a desirable personality; they are very gentile and docile. They have a tendency to go completely limp when picked up, thus the name Ragdoll. They are affectionate animals who will become very friendly family members. They tolerate lots of hugs, kisses and poking and prodding, and are therefore good cats for families with small children. They are non-aggressive almost to a fault and should not be left outside for prolonged periods because many will not defend themselves. They are not hunters, so if you want to catch a mouse, this is not your cat.