The Rajapalayam is a sighthound from India which was used as a companion breed for the aristocracy in Southern India as well as for hunting wild boar and guarding. The name of the breed comes from the town in which it is probably the most popular. The breed may have been used in creation of the Dalmation. It was used during the Carnatic Wars to attack British calvary in their stables. The breed in its purest form is nearly extinct, but can be found in isolated pockets in India. A project has recently been launched in attempts to save the breed.

The breed is large and stands about 25 to 30 inches tall. It is relatively heavy boned, but shares the basic structure of most sighthounds. The coat of the breed is short and fine, and the most common color is milk white with golden eyes and a pink nose. Other colors may occur, such as black, brown, or spotted. The gait of the breed is similar to a horse’s trot, and its tail is slightly curled.

The breed is graceful and affectionate. It is devoted to its owner, making it an excellent guard dog for a family as well as a dedicated hunter.

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