Raptorex, meaning “robber king”, is a genus of tyrannosaurid dinosaur from the Early Cretaceous Period (125 million years ago). It lived in what is now China. It was discovered in the Yixian Formation in northeastern China. The type species, R. kriegsteini, was described by Sereno in 2009. The specific name honors Roman Kriegstein, a survivor of the Holocaust, whose son donated the specimen to the University of Chicago for study.

Although Raptorex was similar to later, giant tyrannosaurs, it was comparatively quite small. It was only 10 feet long and weighed around 143 pounds. The holotype specimen was about 8 feet long and is believed to have been about 6 years old at death. Raptorex had long legs which were adapted for running, and tiny, two-fingered forelimbs.
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