Rare Snow Visits South Africa August 7, 8 2012

The area in red in the above image has been experiencing winter weather which is quite rare to the region; also at this time many places are still seeing rain and snow.

From the South African Weather Service, they are forecasting for the Eastern Cape “Very Cold with snow heavy at times.” The majority of the regions in red in the image are going to see more rain and snow today, and some places may see heavy snowfall.

Looking at forecast models of the region they will continue to see winds in excess of 60kph (36mph) for places just off the coast of East London all the way north to Durban.

The latest information provided by the South African Weather Service has stated that this extreme weather pattern will cease this afternoon putting an end to the snowfall. Traffic is very tricky in the regions around South Africa this morning as some places have actually seen the snow accumulate.

So how rare is it for South Africans to see snow?

The South African Weather Service stated that “22 other days in the past 103 years has snow fallen on Johannesburg, also stating the last time it snowed was in June of 2007.”

The weather agency has said the cold weather pattern will remain in place for the next few days, however most of the snowfall should cease towards the afternoon for most regions.

More information is available on this rare snowfall event at: www.weathersa.co.za

Image Credit: South African Weather Service

redOrbit.com Meteorologist Joshua Kelly