RCA Studio II

The RCA Studio II was released in January 1977 by RCA as a video game console. It had black and white graphics that were similar to Pong consoles. Game control used two built-in ten button keypads instead of controllers. The keypads made it difficult for two player games to be played because the players would have to sit so close together. It was discontinued in 1979.

It used a switch box for the RF modulator and power supply. The sounds produced from the unit were comprised of varying lengths and tones. The system had a 1.78 Mhz CPU, 2KB ROM, 512 bytes RAM and a 64 x 32 video chip.

It had five built-in games: Addition, Bowling, Doodle, Freeway and Patterns. There were ten cartridge games for the unit along with three other titles not released in the US.

Clones of the Studio II was the MPT-02 released in France and Australia, with 14 game cartridge titles. The Visicom COM-100 clone was released in Japan and had six game cartridge titles.

Image Caption: RCA Studio II. Credit: Evan-Amos/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)