Record Setting Events for Dec18, 2012

Event #1: Record Heat

An island off the coast of Georgia hit a high temp of 75F, which is good enough to break their previous record. A second record setting temperature was recorded in Southern Texas as the temp hit 78F in the region. This warm air was associated with the strong southerly flow that was moving through the region yesterday. The third area to look at occurred out in Western Arizona; the location hit 78F along the slopes of the Southern Rockies as the region saw high pressure over the area which gave way to down sloping winds that created this heat barrier in the region. These are just a few of the record high temps recorded from yesterday.

Event #2: Record Setting Snowfall

A minor wave pushed through the Northern Plains yesterday and brought a wide swath of snow through the Dakota’s; some places in South Dakota actually saw record daily setting snow amounts near 5.0 inches that fell just to the West of Sioux Falls SD. The strong developing low over the Southwest began to push northeastward and dumped 9.0 inches of snow in Eastern Colorado which was good enough to break a record for the region just Northwest of Denver. A third major record setting snow event took place in Nevada and this brought a record daily snowfall of 11.4 inches to the region. This heavy snowfall is associated with the low pressure that moved out of the region and into the Southwest overnight.

Event #3: Record Setting Rainfall

The 2.6 inches that fell in Southern Alabama was associated with the frontal boundary that pushed through the region over the past day; many areas in that region saw over 2 inches of rainfall. The second major rainfall amount came from Central Illinois where they saw 0.24 inches, which set the daily record for the region in regards to rainfall during the month of December. The third record was back in Eastern Colorado just to the North-Northwest of Denver; the region got about 0.28in of rainfall before it changed over to snow.