Red-Sea Squirt, Halocyntia papillosa

The Red-sea Squirt (Halocyntia papillosa) is a species of sea squirt (tunicate) that are sometimes referred to as sea peaches. It is found in the Northeast Atlantic and Western Pacific oceans, along the Portuguese coast and in the Mediterranean Sea. It attaches itself to rocks and overhangs and occurs at depths of 6 to 325 feet.

The Red-sea Squirt is generally about 4 inches high, but can reach maximum lengths of 8 inches. It contracts when disturbed. It is ovoid in form with a granulous surface. It’s siphons are surrounded by rigid bristles that are used as sensitive elements. As its name suggests, this tunicate has an orange-red coloration.

Image Caption: Halocyntia papillosa. Credit: albert kok/Wikipedia(CC BY-SA 3.0)