Red cornetfish

The Red cornetfish, Fistularia petimba, is a cornetfish of the family Fistulariidae, found in tropical oceans worldwide, at depths of between 32.8 and 656.17 ft (10 and 200 m). In Japan they are called Akayagara, and sometimes Teppou (rifle) fish. They are up to 6.56 ft (2 m) in length.

The Red cornetfish is a very elongate and cylindrical fish with a long tubular snout making up a quarter of its total length. At the tip of the snout is a small mouth bearing fine teeth. The small lunate caudal fin has a long filament extending from its centre. The skin is scaleless, and the color may be pink, yellow, or pale brown, usually with a greenish tinge. There is a row of bony plates along the midline.

They feed on small fish and shrimp.