Red-legged Golden Orb-web Spider

The Red-legged Golden Orb-web Spider (Nephila inaurata) is a species of arachnid that is found in southern Africa. It also can be found on several islands in the Indian Ocean (Mauritius,
Réunion, Rodrigues, and the Seychelles). There is also a second subspecies recognized: Nephila i. madagascariensis that is found from South Africa to the Seychelles.

The web of this species is said to be so strong that sometimes even birds and bats can get tangled in its web. The web is often found in damp areas and in big trees and areas that are unpolluted (e.g. areas where cars do not have access). Several webs are strung together to create large homes that cover a wide area. The diet consists of flies, mosquitoes, moths, wasps and beetles that may get tangled in its web.

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