Rhabdodon, meaning “fluted tooth”, is a genus of dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous Period (70 million years ago) that lived in what is now Europe. It is unclear whether this animal was an iguanodont or a hypsilophodont. It may be a missing link between the two families. Current research leans toward iguanodont. The type species is R. priscus. Another species, R. septimanicus, was described in 1991. It is possible that these two species may actually be the same.

This was a than smaller dinosaur most of its relatives, possibly due to the small area it inhabited during the Cretaceous Period. When living, it would have been found in Spain, France, and on Haţeg island in Romania. This dinosaur has been featured on the TV series Dinosaur Planet, but referred to as a Dwarf Iguanodon.

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