Saker Sports Cars

Saker Sports Cars is an automobile manufacturer based in New Zealand, founded in 1989. The company’s name comes from a bird of prey that is found in the Middle East and Central Asia. The first Saker, the SV1, was designed and built by Bruce Turnbull.

Saker vehicles are built as touring race cars, but can be made legal for the road in the UK, Japan and New Zealand.

The SV1 was built in a limited number. It had a steel space-frame chassis, a fiberglass body, used a variety of V-6 and V-8 mid-mounted engines and a five-speed transaxle.

In 1999, two other models were produced, the Saker SVS GT (coupe) and SVS Sprint (convertible). These models used a flat-four or six-cylinder engine, respectively — mostly the Subaru Impreza  WRX turbo four.

These models are produced under license in the Netherlands and also in Europe as race-only models since 2005. Since 2010, Saker Europe produced a new body style for the GT and Sprint, naming them the RapX and Sniper.

Possibly three race-only Saker GTs have been produced under license in the USA and one road-legal SVS was imported from New Zealand in 2004. Originally the imported SVS used a Lexus 4.0-L V-8, but since was modified to use a Chevy LS6 5.7-L engine producing around 500 hp.

Image Caption: Saker GT. Credit: Overlaet/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)