Sandalwood Pony

The Sandalwood Pony is one of eight breeds of pony that is native to Indonesia. The Sandalwood inhabits the Sumba and Sumbawa Islands and is closely related to the other breeds of Indonesia. The Batak Pony, Gayoe, Deli Pony, Java Pony, Sumba and Sumbawa Pony and the Timor Pony are the other breeds of the islands. Its name comes from the Sandalwood tree, a major export of the country. It is a fine breed of pony due to the Arabian bloodline.

The pony has extraordinary endurance and can be easily trained for light draft work, packing, farming and riding. They are also used in a variety of horse racing such as flat, harness and bareback, a race that is held on the island usually over three miles long. They also make a perfect child’s pony and have been exported to Australia for just that purpose. They also have been exported as racing ponies to other Southeastern Asian Countries.

The Sandalwood has a nice head with small ears. The neck is short and muscular. The chest is deep with a long back and has sloping shoulders and croup. The pony typically stands between 48 and 52 inches tall and can be of any color.

Image Caption: Sandalwood Pony. Credit: Prasetyo Oedjiantono at the Indonesian language Wikipedia/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)