Saturn’s Moon Pandora

Saturn’s moon Pandora — Pandora [pan-DOR-uh] is the fourth of Saturn’s known satellites.

It was discovered from photographs taken by Voyager during its encounter with Saturn by S. Collins and others.

Pandora is the outer shepherd satellite for Saturn’s F-ring. It has a diameter of about 114 by 84 by 62 kilometers (71 by 52 by 38 miles) and appears to be very heavily cratered.

The two largest craters are about 30 kilometers (19 miles) in diameter. No linear valleys or ridges are visible. Very limited data is available to analyze Pandora.


Discovered by: S. A. Collins and D. Carlson/Voyager 1

Date of Discovery: 1980

Distance from Saturn: 141,700 km

Radius: km

Orbital Eccentricity: 0.004

Orbital Inclination: 0.0 degree

Orbital Period: 0.6285 day



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